Ray HutchinsRay Hutchins, Cyber Security Strategist & Managing Partner at CyberCecurity, LLC

Ray Hutchins is a rare commodity in our digital economy. He is an experienced, CISSP-trained IT business executive who seamlessly straddles both the corporate and cyber security worlds and leads two cyber security companies: CyberCecurity and Data1Qbit.

In early 2016, he and partner Mitch Tanenbaum announced the merger of their companies, Denver Cyber Security and Information Risk Strategy Consultants, into CyberCecurity, a full-service firm providing comprehensive cyber security solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Ray also serves as president of Data1Qbit, a nationally significant cyber security start-up focused on intelligence-gathering related to cyber security companies and products.

Expertise: Cyber Security, President, Board Member, Entreprenuership

Industry: Security