TiE Rockies Announced as a Trustee on Kiva Zip: 0% Interest, Character-Based Business Loans

TiE Rockies is pleased to announce that we have been accepted as a trustee  on Kiva Zip.  They offer 0% interest loans for up to $5,000 to entrepreneurs and small businesses via their crowdfunding site. Through our partnership, TiE Rockies can now recommend entrepreneurs to access their lending program.

Loans are crowd-funded on the Kiva Zip website by individuals around the world who invest as little as $5 each. They have a network of thousands of lenders and have a funding success rate over 97%.

As a trustee, TiE Rockies is happy to work with any of our members who are interested in a Kiva Zip loan.

If you’d like more information on the program you can visit KivaZip.org  – If you would like to apply for a loan and want TiE Rockies to be your trustee please contact Executive Director Molly Berger at [email protected]

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