Introducing the TiE Rockies Member Exchange

You’ve probably noticed the many new features being rolled out by TiE Global for members. One of the new resources I am most excited about is TiE Link, the TiE member social network. TiE Link allows members from all TiE chapters to connect, collaborate and share. Members also have complete control over their own profiles. TiE Link truly allows you to get the most out of your TiE membership by enabling you, a TiE member, to connect with the massive global network we continually boast about.

I am also excited to unveil the TiE Rockies Member Exchange. This member group on TiE Link is where all TiE Rockies members are invited to connect. For a long time TiE Rockies struggled to offer some sort of internal member network or group where members were able support each other with business, client referrals, event promotions, etc. This changes that and is a HUGE perk of being a TiE member. Members are highly encouraged to use this space to promote your business, find partners, ask for feedback on projects, share job openings, find Beta testers, share recent news about your startup, etc. The more we ALL use this group the more we will all benefit so get started today and check back often. The Member Exchange is only open to current members, so consider joining TiE Rockies if you are not yet a member.

In addition to being THE space for members to connect and support each other, I will also pull member news, events and promotions from this group to share publicly in our newsletter and on our social media accounts. Help me, promote your business by sharing in the member exchange. I encourage ALL TiE Rockies members to join the Member Exchange and to kick start the sharing by introducing yourself and your business to the group. Join here!

As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions about TiE Rockies or our new features. And connect with me on TiE Link!


Rachel M. Isaman
Executive Director, TiE Rockies
[email protected]

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