The SBA says that the TOP reason businesses fail is NOT because of a lack of money — it’s because of a lack of sound professional advice. Be smart and avoid that fatal problem by joining TiE Rockies and getting an experienced mentor today!

Remember that you don’t have to be a start up to benefit from a mentor — no matter how many years of experience you have, a good mentor can be the difference between success and failure. A mentor is similar to a small board of directors and you’ll notice that ALL large companies have boards of directors to help them think through problems and challenges. Everyone can benefit from a mentor!

Welcome to the TiE Mentoring Program. This program is included in your TIE General Membership.

Here is what you can expect:

If you are starting, growing, funding or exiting a business, TiE mentoring is a great way to get the help and advice you need from seasoned business professionals.This short-term and focused mentoring will help you overcome challenges, find answers to tough questions, and help you find the path to take your business to the next level. Through a TiE mentorship you will get access to some of the best business minds in Denver andsince it’s all part of yourTiE mentorship program, it will not cost you anything.

How TiE Mentoring Works

Step 1- Request a mentor– Fill in the form to notify us of your interest and include the mentee application. The more details you provide thebetter. After your information is receivedit will be sent out to about 25 mentors who have volunteered to act as your mentor on a pro bono basis for up to 3 months and 3 hours of strategy sessions.

Step 2- Mentor selection– One or more mentors generally respond to mentor requests within a week. The mentor chair will partner you with a mentor by providing an e-intro. If you haven’t heard back within 10-days pleaseemail or call us. Sometimes technology doesn’t always work as planned.  Call the Executive Director at  303-773-0809 or email us at [email protected]

Step 3 – Meet with your mentor – Contact your mentor by “replying all” to the email introduction soeveryone knows you are connected. Set the 3meeting locations, time and date to meet with your mentor. Notify the TiEmentor chair of the meetings. We track our mentor results and want you to be successful throughout this program.

Step 4- Rate your mentor – Respond to the survey(s) to let us know how the mentor experience is working for you. Your mentor gets a survey too.

Why this works 

Your mentor is your guide with the experience, successes, mistakes andfailures that will assure you have the best chance of success.  We encourage you to come to mentoring sessions with open ears and an open mind.  You also need to agree to complete agreed to assignments between sessions.  So, sign up today and let TiE mentoring help you take your business to the next level.

Your membership guarantees you unlimited access to Mentor Match and our network of mentors… So use it!  If you would like more information and assistance finding a mentor, please email the Executive Director at [email protected].


At least twice per year we also host MentorFest to help members get introduced to Mentoring. For more info on that special, members-only event click here.

Mentee Application At-A-Glance

  • Please describe your current business or venture.
  • What is the current stage of your business or venture?
  • What are the pressing issues/subjects that you would like help from a Mentor on?
  • As specifically as possible, please describe the target market for your product or services.
  • What are 3 specific business goals that you believe are achievable via this mentorship program during the next 3 months and that relate to the stage of business you are in?
  • What are your expectations of a Mentor in this program?