The TIE Denver Investor Group meets quarterly to discuss updates on due diligence and review companies seeking funding. We focus on companies that are based in Colorado, have achieved either $500k in annual revenue or $500k in capital raise, and are seeking later stage or Series A funding.

Presenting at Mach2 is one of the many benefits of being a TiE Denver Member. Your membership includes: access to events, one-on-one mentoring, Mentorfest and investor access for the full year. Only the CEO is required to be a member.

This opportunity is for active TiE members only. If you are not currently an active member please click here join us now.

Your membership serves as your application fee and entitles you to a full year of our member benefits.

Our investors have funded a wide range of industries including digital health, medical products and devices, software and mobile applications, electronic device manufacturing, and more.

We offer multiple pitch presentation opportunities during the year to the companies that meet the requirements.

Presentations are reviewed 3 weeks before the pitch session and notifications are sent out 2 weeks ahead of the pitch session.  Below are the dates.

All Apps Received In Final Selection & Notification Presentation
September 10 September 24 October 1
December 3 December 17 January 7
February 11 February 25 March 3
May 12 May 26 June 2

Submit your information to be included in the next review cycle

Attach 2 documents including Executive summary 1- pager and your pitch deck that addresses:

a) Problem/solutions-Specific problem that is being solved and why the company’s solution is better than existing or competitive solution;
b) Intellectual Property –  related strategy
c) Sales/Marketing plan – Go to market strategy, sales force, cost of sales
d) Team – breadth and depth of skills including advisory board
e) Financials- include past year and next three years
f) Revenue model- Gross and net margins
g) Customers- Target and Existing customers including revenue
h) Fundraising – past, current round (including uses of funds, and future rounds).

 Upload materials and apply here.